Basics for Kite surfing in Cuba

If you are an extreme sports enthusiast and want to do Kite surfing(the sport or pastime of riding on a modified surfboard while holding on to a specially designed kite, using the wind for propulsion) in Cuba here you will find the basic information that you need.

Cuba kite surf (4)

Seasons and temperatures: – Winter-Spring:from December to April – Summer and Autumn : from May to November

Air: In winter, temperatures vary widely but is unlikely to go below 15 degrees(Celsius) and getting to 30. In summer, from 28 to 38 degrees with very high humidity.

Water: Summer 30 degrees. Winter 24 degrees (medium data)

Clothing: Tropical clothing. But always bring with you a waterproof jacket, a sweater and…. spray against mosquitoes.

Mobile Phones: signal is active almost all over the island but very expensive calls in both incoming/outgoing.

Driving: it is simple, rent a car is more expensive than average, we recommend careful on the roads at night due to lack of lighting and bad roads.

Locals: Very friendly and hospitable. But do not give too much confidence 🙂

Safety: Crime is almost absent. As usually happens around the world: pay more attention in big cities.

Wind Statistics: Wind is predominantly from ENE (East North East) during the year. So the coast of Cuba where you can kite with frequency is the north. In spring and autumn, with high pressure from the Atlantic, the wind is spread all over the island and can last several days, even a few weeks with intensity from 12 to 25 knots. In Winter in conjunction with the frost from the United States, the wind blows strongly from the north by lowering the temperature usually on the first day of the cold front, creating waves that are maintained for a few days until wind gradually turn to the NNE to ENE. This especially in the West (Havana and vicinity). In midsummer (July and August) the thermal wind blows in the early afternoon. In west of the island with little intensity in the center and east of the island and several cays (Coco, Guillermo, Santa Maria) frequently reaches 15 knots or more. Winds from the South are rare. Only a few days in spring with high winds. With winds from the south on the north coast the only place where you can safely kite is Varadero because the peninsula allows you to kite with onshore winds in the inner lagoon.

kite suf cuba

Clothing in water:

– Lycra long sleeves most of the year (also for UVA sunlight).

– Short suit in winter.

– For the few days of cold in late December-January-February to 3 mm long suit.

Kite equipment to take with you:

– In Winter: 12 to 7 meters. Better two sizes and also in case surfboard.

– In Summer from 13 to 11 meters.

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