Parrandas de Remedios: fascinating lights

Parrandas de Remedios1The Parrandas de Remedios, in Camagüey, is one of the oldest festivals in Cuba, taking place every year in the week leading up to Christmas. Event highlights include street parades, music, a float display and a fireworks competition.

Parrandas de Remedios6

In the Parrandas de Remedios the competition between El Salvador and El Carmen camps – between the hawk and the rooster -, is about all manifestations of art, theatre, music, secret preparation of lamps, flags and banners to be disclosed at the last moment for the best surprising effect; the best floats and art works like monuments of wood with exquisite decoration and endless mechanical and light changes are selected and the winner gets the honours but, in the end, the real winner is Remedios.


These festival is a a secular and vivacious street carnival that provides a fascinating and rare glimpse into authentic Cuban culture.

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