How to upgrade a disposal site overlooking Havana into Garden Eden!  

cristo1 (1)The Rincón del Cristo project came in order to put an end to the loss of the diversity of the Casablanca area, whose village, presents environmental problems related to pollution of the harbor and various spaces for negligent acts of indiscriminate dumping of wastes solid

When it comes to discover Havana, walking still is my favorite style to be at the same time attentive and relaxed enough to blend into the daily living in Cuba and let life suprise you about the amazing people and their stories.

IMG_1210In 2005 Armando Rojas Ochoa, who returned from Europe to Cuba, decided to become member of the “crazy peoples club of visionaries” – when he decided to turn a “garbage man” – a refusal site located in Casablanca, Havana – into an organic farm.

The community, mostly had no awareness of the environmental damage from logging, indiscriminate hunting, land degradation and its impact on the loss of draft of the Havana Bay.

His project intends to rescue the ecological and environmental value and in turn, seek a “economy speed” to allow payback of the necessary investment, promoting Casablanca as a tourist destination very novel in the cuban capital.

Ten years later you can find on this 3,5 hectares a big organic paradise, with 75 different medical plants, 32 varieties of fruits, i.e., coconuts, bananas, mangos, coffee, condiments and much more. Armando is constantly looking for types of flora all over in Cuba which used to be endemic in the microclimate of Casablanca to plant them and let the farm grow.

The Rincon del Cristo is an agro-IMG_1211ecological space that seeks to exploit the land and give visitors the opportunity to see, from the groove up to the plate how to produce and process certain foods.

With his passion and knowledge he personally guides visitors through the farm and he will let you lough a lot when he tells you which plants can help you with stinky feets or hang over issues (order randomly).

Rojas dreams with the day when the Cristo Loma reach its full potential in nature tourism and “people enjoy the environment on the other side of the bay, without moving to other provinces.” With that dream, they presented a draft non-agricultural cooperative, which includes dining options and a viewpoint on the trail.

If you want to escape from the noisy city center in Havana and enjoy the very best view over the Havanna bay you must come to his farm right below the feets of the statue of Jesus Crist.

Farm: Agroecológico Rincón del Cristo, Telephone: 77938178

Credentials: Armando Roja and his Farm Rincon del Cristo, pictures by Florian Schuster

Rojas also shares its experience in organic farming with other farmers in the village.




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